Management Systems Certification

Reach excellence in the process of your organization, management quality, environment, job safety and more.

Food Safety Certification

We help organizations to protect their reputation and consumers by addressing the risks in the entire supply chain, and ensuring food safety.

IT Certification

Implement the best practices for the care of all the information of your organization, use of technology and continuity of your business.


We provide practical courses of training for systems of management of agreement to the sector of your organization. The given courses are created to align knowledge with the processes of growth and companies’ evaluation.

EQA Certification USA

We are leaders in certification in the following sectors:

Quality, Environment, Information Security, Food Safety, Information Security, among others.

For 12 years in Mexico and now in the USA, we have helped organizations achieve excellence in their processes.

When certified with EQA, it will guarantee its clients, collaborators and competitors the best practices and quality standards respected by the industry.

About us


    Provide Certification Services for Management Systems that meet the needs and requirements of companies.


    Be one of the Certification Bodies with the best customer service.


    • Impartiality and Objectivity
    • Competition
    • Responsibility
    • Transparency
    • Confidentiality
    • Responsiveness and timely response to complaints


    Recognizes the technical competence of reliability as certification body for the Conformity. Acreditation of EQA Certificacion Mexico.


    Evaluates and accredits Certification Bodies that demonstrate competence to audit Organizations that comply with Management System Standards. Accreditation of EQA Certification Mexico


    Approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative, it contains a complete certification program for Food Safety Systems based on existing Certification standards.

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