The AS / EN 9100 series is the standard applicable to the quality management systems of aerospace suppliers.

What is the AS / EN 9100 series?

The AS / EN 9100 series has been developed to promote quality within the aerospace sector, as a way to guarantee the best products.

This certification scheme brings together the main manufacturers in the sector worldwide.

The series is composed of:

  • AS / EN 9100, applicable to all manufacturers of the aerospace sector
  • AS / EN 9110, for maintenance organizations
  • AS / EN 9120, applicable to warehouse distributors who carry out their activity for the aerospace sector

The AS / EN 9100 series covers the entire spectrum of the organization that belongs to the aerospace sector, from design and manufacturing to maintenance, storage and distribution



  • Establish a common standard of quality standards, requirements and techniques.
  • Promote quality within the aerospace sector as a way to guarantee the best products.
  • Establish processes of continuous improvement among suppliers Increase the quality, reliability and safety of the products.


  • Increase competitiveness and participation in the market.
  • Improve compliance with quality requirements.
  • Increase profitability Reduce variation, waste, inefficiencies and defects.

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