It is an administrative tool used as an operational method that helps organizations in the food and beverage industry identify their food safety risks, that is, protect the food supply against biological, chemical and physical hazards.

HACCP is used in all phases of food production and preparation processes. All organizations that play a role in the food supply chain can apply HACCP principles, regardless of their size and geographic location.



  • Ensuring the safety of the food, helps to demonstrate its commitment to the interested parties, by fulfilling the requirements of the legislation.
  • Build trust, customers and stakeholders will see that the organization has a serious and organized approach to food safety


  • Competitive advantage; HACCP is a key differentiator and can help you become the chosen provider.
  • Improvement of efficiency; The HACCP system audit services can be provided to complement your existing ISO 9000 approvals, which will save you time and costs.

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