EQA offers the food industry audit and certification solutions in accordance with various quality standards. The certification will help your company and its suppliers to adopt the highest standards in food safety as well as comply with regulations and obligations.

What is the ISO 22000 standard?

It is a Management System that establishes all those prevention and safety requirements that must be implemented within a food chain.

It is aimed at organizations that seek a more integrated Food Safety Management System.

Covers agricultural activities, such as agriculture and livestock, the production of perishable products of animal and vegetable origin, stable products, catering, food packaging, transportation and distribution thereof, etc.

Aimed at farmers, primary and secondary food producers, food processors, distributors, retailers, food service operators, etc



  • Support all statutes, codes and legal acts related to food safety.
  • Evaluate and verify customer requirements and demonstrate compliance with agreements related to food safety.
  • Ensure that the organization complies with its own food safety policy.
  • Evaluate levels of compliance


  • Integrate elements of food security in all processes.
  • Establish control policies and procedures throughout the entire Food Chain.
  • Increase control of the safety of your products.

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