What is the ISO 50001 standard?

The companies that certify their Energy Management System will have established the necessary systems and processes to improve their energy efficiency, which will be transformed into cost savings and CO2 emissions. This also demonstrates the application of an energy policy under the main objective of systematizing energy processes (managing their energy aspects, that is, the elements of their activity, product or service that interact with the use of energy).

This standard can be applied to all types of public and private organizations, and of all sizes and activities, regardless of whether it is a producer of energy, consumer or both at the same time.


  • Encourage and promote the efficient use of energy by your staff.
  • Include all aspects of the organization, really identifying the real needs of each company.
  • Encourages communication and awareness, promoting the change of culture in the use of energy.


  • Improvement actions with direct economic returns.
  • Optimization of the use of equipment.
  • Greater control by the maintenance manager.

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